Rand Henke, Ph.D.
Rand Henke, Ph.D.Chief Executive Officer
Rand Henke is an Adarza founder and has served as the CEO since the company was founded in 2008. Rand was instrumental in organizing Adarza while serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence at High Tech Rochester. He successfully secured a license for Adarza’s core technology from the University of Rochester Medial Center, and played the lead role in Adarza’s business development that included building a highly experienced leadership team, product commercialization, and funding through non-dilutive government grants and industry contracts, and recently through Series-A financing.

Dr. Henke has a very broad and successful career that has included numerous appointments in government R&D at the Comparative Animal Research Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN, in economic development and technology accelerators at the Tennessee Center for Research and Development and High tech Rochester in Rochester, NY and in graduate university faculty positions at the University of Tennessee.

His professional business experiences have spanned executive assignments in early stage to growth stage technology, service and manufacturing businesses including Phyton Technologies, a plant biotechnology company, and Container Technologies Industries, a specialty container manufacturing company for the nuclear industry. In all of these assignments Dr. Henke’s interests, roles and accomplishments focused on translating technical innovation and entrepreneurship to new business formation and commercial solutions. Rand has a B.S. in biology from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology and genetics from Miami University.