Siemens Venture Capital

Our goal is to identify and finance young companies worldwide during their start-up phase and to provide established companies with additional capital for their growth plans during the expansion phase. Through our portfolio companies, we offer our customers new technological solutions and tap new markets. Our focus is on growth segments in the energy, industry and healthcare markets.

Our portfolio includes further Private Equity activities: In the context of our Private Equity Advisory Service, we offer non-U.S. customers such as the Siemens Pension Fund professional consulting in Private Equity asset allocation. As of January 2009, Siemens Venture Capital launched its first fund-of-funds: Siemens Global Innovation Partners I which was offered also to non-Siemens/non-U.S. investors.

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Cultivation Capital Life Sciences Fund

Cultivation Capital is a venture capital firm managed by team of serial entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to start, cultivate and grow a successful company. We know the struggles, the challenges, the rewards and the successes. We are harnessing that knowledge to help develop and partner with the next generation of great entrepreneurs. Our funds are focused in the areas of technology and health and life sciences.

Cultivation Capital has a track record of investing in successful technology companies across the Midwest. In Spring 2013, Cultivation Capital announced the launch of its Health and Life Sciences fund. Our newest fund is dedicated to investing in healthcare information technology and related mobile health platforms, medical devices, compound and drug discovery and plant/seed or biosciences technology.

Our goal is to take businesses to the next level with our help, expertise, guidance and funding. Our portfolio represents the best growth opportunities throughout the Midwest. We believe in our portfolio companies. We know they will disrupt the world. We want to give them the skills, tools and funding to do just that.

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